hey ya'll:)
I'm sixteen years old and from lovely Germany :)
I'm a swimmer and do sports everyday ♥
i play the guitar and i love all my friends :)
write me I'll be answering ANYTHING:)
I'm obsessed with cute boys and funny memes :)
love you guys ♥


I know you’re unaware that shit’s a low blow - but you feel the need to tell me like you think I don’t know, no, that’s rude, find a bridge and jump off, and if I tell you to fuck off, then fuck off! That’s not being immature about it, that’s me admitting I’m insecure about it.

360 (I hope you don’t mind)

Boys i’ve got a question

Do you also lie awake all night thinking about the person you love? Making up stories in your head? Thinking about what could’ve been and what might happen?
Do you also get uncomfortable around the person you love?
‘Cuz to me it really doesn’t seem like it.
To me you don’t seem like you always worry but more like you live in and for the moment and take it all a lot easier